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The Importance of Rest

Rest is a crucial part of life. Especially when we are stressed and things are busy. In this episode, Kate discusses rest as a radical act and rest as the foundation of productivity.

Connecting with Your Inner Sage

Your Inner Sage is capable of handling every situation you might encounter. All you have to do is learn how to put it in charge. In this episode, Kate helps you get to know this very powerful part of your consciousness.

The Anatomy of Fear

Many of our self-sabotaging behaviors are overactive responses to fear. In this episode, Kate describes the anatomy of fear and discusses how understanding that anatomy can help us learn more appropriate fear responses.

Connecting to the Largest Possible Community

We all belong exactly where we are, but we don’t always feel like we belong. In this episode, Kate describes a powerful way of increasing our felt sense of belonging.

Cultivate Courage Through Commitment

One powerful way to overcome the disruptive effects of fear is through commitment. In this episode, Kate discusses some ways to think about and work with commitment.

Feelings Need to be Validated, Not Obeyed

Emotions are messages from our non-cognitive intelligences about the state of our world and what actions we might want to take. We need to take them seriously, but we don’t want to be ruled by them.

The Importance of Noticing the Good Stuff

When life feels tough, it is more important than ever to have a practice of noticing the good that exists simultaneously.

Different Moods, Different Neurotransmitters, Different Tools

There are so many self-care tools to choose from. How do you decide how to spend your time? If you understand which neurotransmitter is involved in the mood or experience you are trying to shift, it is easier to decide.

Mindfulness in Action

It is one thing to be mindful and compassionate when things are calm, but how do we stay open and loving when the world is exploding around us? In this episode, Kate provides some ideas for practicing mindfulness in action.

Use Sympathetic Joy to Improve Your Relationships

Episode Summary: One of the easiest ways to improve relationships is to celebrate each other’s joy whether we understand it or not.

How to Increase Your Powers of Compassion

We can get cut off from our natural compassionate natures because we didn’t know how to handle the tenderness. In this episode, Kate provides some tools for rekindling your compassion and managing the associated vulnerability.

Cultivating Grace Through Action

How can you create the elegant simplicity and ease of grace when things are busy, complicated, or stressful?

How to Find a Motivating Perspective in any Situation

What can you do when lack of motivation to get started is stopping you from reaching your goals?

The Difference Between Helping and Being of Service

Too often, when we try to help people it doesn’t go well. We may not understand why they don’t take our feedback or advice. We feel unappreciated. Frequently, they feel patronized. In this episode, Kate offers an alternative approach.

4 Tools for Emotional Control in a Crisis

Kate shares 4 tools for quickly calming the emotional storm provoked by a crisis so you can avoid becoming paralyzed, or overreactive and can act with courage and clarity.

How to Feel Your Feelings Without Becoming Overwhelmed

If we are afraid of being overwhelmed by our feelings, we avoid feeling them, at great cost to our mental health and our effectiveness.

The Power of Your Inner Witness

When we are able to observe ourselves as if from the perspective of an external witness, we are able to speed up our growth and personal development. In this episode, Kate shares tips on how to develop this inner power of self-observation.

The Differences Between Stress, Strain, and Trauma

Stress needs to be managed, strain needs to be reduced, and trauma needs to be healed.

Finding Your Way When You Are Exhausted and Things Feel Futile

When we are overextended and want to give up or can't get motivated, there are some gentle, easy things we can do to help get us moving again.

Fun and The Art of Enjoying Life When Times are Tough

Having fun is more important than ever when things get rough. Here are some tips on enjoying the journey while minimizing unintended negative long-term consequences.

How to Maximize Your Resilience

Extreme resilience is created through consistent use of a few teachable and learnable skills.

Cultivating Compassion When Things Feel Scary

Are you finding it harder than usual to give others the benefit of the doubt? Are you judging yourself or others for being overly cautious or overly reckless? This is normal. When people feel threatened or afraid, we tend to judge others more harshly.

Permission to Grumble & Permission to Thrive

Whatever you are feeling is okay. There is no way you SHOULD be feeling. You feel how you feel and there is wisdom and value in whatever you feel.

How to Not Make Things Worse When People Are Irritable

Kate presents a simple approach to keeping things as positive as possible when people are irritable.

Planning When the Future is Uncertain

When the future is wildly uncertain, planning is difficult. How can we maximize our ability to take advantage of opportunities and minimize our exposure to risk? Kate presents an approach to planning that can be used to navigate rapid change with maximum ease.

Emergency Stress Relief Process

When you are stressed or anxious and can't spare time for a lengthy calming process, you need an emergency stress relief process.

You ARE Adaptable. Don't Believe Me? Here's the Evidence.

With all the changes happening in the world, many people are questioning their ability to successfully adapt and thrive in the new world. In this episode, Kate talks about the natural human capacity for adapting to change and offers a practice to enhance your natural flexibility.

How to Make Good Decisions in Uncertain Times

Kate shares a process for making decisions when we can't predict the future. These tips will help you be adaptable and flexible and maximize your ability to act from your creativity rather than your fear.

How to Feel a Sense of Control When The World Feels Chaotic

When the world and the future are uncertain, we need tools to find a sense of control and agency. In this episode, Kate shares a crucial tool for gaining a sense of control in any circumstance.

Using Anxiousness as a Springboard for Personality Development

Many people are anxious these days. In this episode, Kate explains why anxiety and depression often occur as a cycle and how to break the cycle and use anxiousness as the springboard for increasing our self-actualizing potential.

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