Over the past thirty years, host Kate Arms has been engaged in a multi-disciplinary study of what makes people feel good about their lives and how to create effective organizations that support individual flourishing. The ideas that she shares in this podcast come from the worlds of psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, religion, anthropology, art, law, corporate leadership, organizational change, and education.

When you adopt the mindset of conscious self-leadership, you increase your sense of power and engagement in your life and you increase your ability to shape the world around you into a world you want to live in. Making a permanent change to your mindset will require learning new ideas and tools, repetition, and practice applying the ideas in your daily life.

This podcast is intended to support you by providing repetition and encouragement to continuing practicing. Each episode will focus on a single tool or tip or idea. By listening to many episodes over time and playing with the ideas in your own life, you will discover which ones work best for you.

Kate's Nuggets is produced by Signal Fire Coaching, Inc. and features CEO and Lead Coach, Kate Arms. Signal Fire Coaching creates cultures where people thrive through coaching, consulting, and teaching.

More about Kate and Signal Fire Coaching can be found at Signal Fire Coaching.com

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