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Kate's Nuggets is a collection of self-coaching tools, tips, and ideas about living well and being successful delivered in short, actionable segments.

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The Importance of Rest

Rest is a crucial part of life. Especially when we are stressed and things are busy. In this episode, Kate discusses rest as a radical act and rest as the foundation o...

Connecting with Your Inner Sage

Your Inner Sage is capable of handling every situation you might encounter. All you have to do is learn how to put it in charge. In this episode, Kate helps you get to...

The Anatomy of Fear

Many of our self-sabotaging behaviors are overactive responses to fear. In this episode, Kate describes the anatomy of fear and discusses how understanding that anatom...

Connecting to the Largest Possible Community

We all belong exactly where we are, but we don’t always feel like we belong. In this episode, Kate describes a powerful way of increasing our felt sense of belonging.

Cultivate Courage Through Commitment

One powerful way to overcome the disruptive effects of fear is through commitment. In this episode, Kate discusses some ways to think about and work with commitment.

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