How to Find a Motivating Perspective in any Situation

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What can you do when lack of motivation to get started is stopping you from reaching your goals? 

When people aren’t meeting their goals because they are getting in their own way, there are several places they can get stuck. They may not know what to do differently. They may not be able to find the motivation to get started. They may need to develop some new or better skills. They may have trouble sticking with the process.
Many people come to coaching thinking they need help figuring out what to do differently. Many more know what needs to be done and want accountability doing it. Few think motivation is their sticking point. 

They know they want things to be different. They are genuinely baffled about why they aren’t doing what it takes to make things different.  They think there is something wrong with their ability to follow-through or their self-discipline. But, for many people the biggest hinderance to sticking with a plan is a competition between conflicting desires and motivations.
Luckily, motivation and willingness to get into action are surprisingly malleable. In this episode, Kate offers a few suggestions.

How to Find a Motivating Perspective in any Situation
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