4 Tools for Emotional Control in a Crisis

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Kate shares 4 tools for quickly calming the emotional storm provoked by a crisis so you can avoid becoming paralyzed, or overreactive and can act with courage and clarity.

When a sudden challenge arrives in our lives, most of us compartmentalize our emotions, act out, or freeze. 

If we compartmentalize our feelings and deal with the crisis without feeling them, we can maintain a level of control that allows us to handle the crisis. We will need to release the emotions provoked by the situation at a later date or they will become frozen in our bodies and have a negative impact on our future flexibility and adaptability, but we will at least get through the present moment.

If we act out or freeze, however, we may not even be able to successfully navigate the current situation without making things worse. 

The tools Kate offers in this episode are especially helpful in calming the emotional storm for people who tend to act out or freeze. If you tend to compartmentalize, you may not feel like you need these tools, but you might find that some of them help you save post-event processing time.
4 Tools for Emotional Control in a Crisis
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