How to Feel Your Feelings Without Becoming Overwhelmed

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If we are afraid of being overwhelmed by our feelings, we avoid feeling them, at great cost to our mental health and our effectiveness.
If we are not in the habit of feeling our feelings all the way to completion and letting them pass through us, they get stuck in our bodies.  
Unreleased feelings create a sense of pressure within us. When we start to feel some of our feelings, that pressure can push feelings from our past out in great waves of emotion.  
If we are afraid of not being able to contain our expressions of our emotions, we resist feeling them at all.  
When we lose touch with the waves of ordinary emotions, we feel alive only when extreme pain or extreme pleasure overrides our self-numbing. 
In this episode, Kate shares tools for feeling our feelings in manageable quantities so we can let them pass through us. 

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How to Feel Your Feelings Without Becoming Overwhelmed
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