How to Disarm Your Inner Critic

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Most of us have voices in our head that tell us we shouldn't do things. When this voice prevents us from doing the things that will make us happy, we need tools to work with or around it.

We all have thoughts, habits, and fears that hold us back. The ones that show up when we want to try something new often say we aren't good enough, can't handle it, will lose friends if we do, or might fail. Some of them sound so sensible and rational that it is hard to believe that they aren't telly us the truth. Others are telling us what we know are lies, but somehow they still manage to paralyze us.

Often we engage in internal struggles between parts of us that want to do something and parts of us that absolutely want not to do the same thing.

In this episode, Kate talks a little about the neurobiology of this experience and how to work with the struggle in ways that help in the current situation and increase future ease.
How to Disarm Your Inner Critic
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