Using Anxiousness as a Springboard for Personality Development

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Many people are anxious these days. In this episode, Kate explains why anxiety and depression often occur as a cycle and how to break the cycle and use anxiousness as the springboard for increasing our self-actualizing potential.
Combining the five elements of thriving, the theory of posttraumatic growth, and an understanding of the relationship between aliveness, anxiety, and depression articulated by Steve Bearman, PhD in his article Depression, Anxiety, and the Mismanagement of Aliveness, Kate presents a way of thinking about anxiousness and numbness that offer hope. 

She articulates the skills that need to be developed to maximize the growth opportunity and limit the risks associated with intensely stressful experiences.

Whether the intensity is driven by internal or external stimuli, these tools use subjective experience to create a more stable and productive emotional balance.

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Using Anxiousness as a Springboard for Personality Development
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